October 28, 2021

Otis Day & the Knights // Shout

Released in October 1989
MCA Records
Produced by George Clinton


  1. “Something Dumb”
  2. “I Knock The Bottom Outta Mine”
  3. “Ice Melting”
  4. “You And Your Folks”
  5. “Shout”
  6. “Function At The Junction”
  7. “I Wanna Testify”
  8. “Who’s Making Love”
  9. “Shamalamma Ding Dong”


Otis Day & the Knights are:

Amelia Jessie
Dewayne Jessie
Greg Hanley


“Something Dumb (Extended Version)” b/w “Something Dumb (House Dub)”
Released in 1989

“Shout” b/w “Shammalamma Ding Dong”
Released in 1989


Amelia Jessie and Greg Hanley are DeWayne Jessie’s niece and nephew.

Amelia Jessie would later appear on Parliament-Funkadelic’s 1994 album Dope Dogs as well as on the 1992 album Drop the Line by Trey Lewd, George Clinton’s son.