June 23, 2021

The Four Coreys of the Apocalypse

I was hanging out with a few of the guys the other night, eating pizza, drinking beer and watching TV. You know: guy stuff. Anyway, one thing led to another as the evening progressed and, before we knew what was happening, we had fallen down a rabbit hole watching Corey Feldman videos on YouTube.

I’m not talking about clips from his movies. No, we spent like half the evening watching performances from across his long and I guess the word would be varied music career.

After what easily could have been an hour of this, we came up with a truly amazing idea: we would form a Corey Feldman tribute band, with each of the four of us representing a different era of Corey Feldman. We would have the Michael Jackson’s child-actor friend Corey, the socially conscious, baggy pants Corey, the greaser Corey, and the Unabomber wanted poster Corey. My friend Abbas even hit upon the perfect name for the group: the Four Coreys of the Apocalypse.

Stay tuned for more information. Contact me for bookings.

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